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Re: OXS light on and I don't know why!

Delt133@aol.com writes:
> I was teaching the girlfriend how to drive stick the other night and the OXS
> light came on.  Now, I know that teaching her how to drive a stick shift on an
> old cable clutch Audi is a particularly mean thing to do, (to her as well...)
> but I got a new clutch installed about one thousand miles ago and I thought
> both were up to it.  After a kinda harsh jackrabbit start the idiot light came
> on.  The car has been running just fine and felt even better than usual when I
> took it on the highway right afterward to let it relax.  I just don't get it.
> Any input would be gratefully apreciated (that light is getting rather
> annoying).  

Chances are, that light coming on is totally unrelated to her driving.
The OXS light is connected to a counter that would cause the light to
come on at regular intervals (usually every 30K miles) to remind you
to check/replace the oxygen sensor.

You can reset the light.  For your 82 coupe, there is a little square box
that's inline with the speedometer cable, under the hood almost direcly
in front of the dashboard.  On that box is a small white button which
you can press in using a pencil or other thin instrument.  When you press
in far enough to feel a click, you have turned off the OXS light.

Later 4000s and coupes have the OXS counter inside the instrument cluster.

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