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Re: Ur_Q trunk lid lights

> >These lights may be just reflectors.  You should be able to access the back
> >side from inside the "trunk area".  I suspect that you will find that there
> >isn't even wiring there for lights.
> Yes I do feel a little embarrassed.  Of course you are right there are no
> lights there.  But I got mislead by the harness sticking of the opening on
> the LHS of the trunk lid and directly behind one of these "lights".  As it
> turns out, that's the harness for the trunk dome light.

Let's try again - my 82 coupe has wiring to operate lights there.  I
don't know how far forward it goes though.

There are no socket holes in the white plastic half of the strip though,
and the red plastic has silver paint on the back.  Again I refer you to
Mr. Fluhr's website, ok, url below this time, wher he documents his
modification of these "potential" lights into extra brake lights.


will get you there.
Huw Powell