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Re: observations on car design

IMO, the original Taurus hasn't aged very well; now looks sort of dull, and the 
wagon was/is sort of ugly. However, the new Taurus make the old ones look not so 
bad in comparison. What's with the sheet metal crease on the side of the new 
Taurus that protrudes out farther than the side molding?

In any case, the '83 and up 100/200/5000 body style is one of the best looking 
designs ever (with the proper width tires, of course) and still puts to shame 
the some of the new bimmer (3 and 5 series) and mb designs (all). The wagon is 
perhaps the best looking ever. The new A6 wagon comes pretty close, but still 
gotta love the old fastback design. Even though my old wagon is a thirteen year 
old, non Q, non-turbo version, I really can't get myself to let it go because 
the body is in great shape, and it looks too damn good to condemn it as a parts 
car or send it to the junk heap - damn these good looking high maintenance 

Also, very glad that Audi redesigned the A6 wagon, I thought the previous A6 
wagon looked too much like a Subaru.

Chauncey Kuo
Kirkland, WA

PS: Is "Avant" more PC?
Subject: Re: observations on car design

> >Bubble Cars! I think it started with the Ford Taurus, made me laugh.

Hmm, I thought the Torus was a little behind some German car that looked
like the space shuttle...