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Re: accewssory switch lights.

Sure many switches are alike, BUT as can be seen from my posting
on 1993 90S/SQ/etc, there are some differences in getting them out
AND the type of bulbs you need to use. It's nice to have everything
ready to go when you start tearing things apart, so you don't have to
drive around with wires hanging out and something not operating
because you don't feel like tearing something apart twice because
you didn't have the right part to begin with. It's also nice not to
break things while learning exactly how your particular year of
vehicle comes apart.

In relation to the 1993 90s, the seat heater switches need RED bulbs,
I mentioned how I drilled out the hole and mounted Radio Shack
Cat #272-1099, well RS also has a 12volt LED (the resistor is built
in), the only problem being is that it is 1/32 inch bigger than the 11/64

hole I already drilled. Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, I'm
seriously thinking about tearing it down again and trying that LED,
the 1099 bulb is a bit on the bright side.

trharlan@one.net wrote:

> Before anyone goes too crazy posting switch lite procedures, check out
> http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/3229/acclight.htm
> Many switches are alike! So don't get Carpal tunnel for the sake of
> redundancy. And don't be redundant.
> Ted Harlan

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