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Replacement oil lines to cooler

Sometime ago I brought up the discussion of replacing oil lines to the
cooler on the ur-quattro. Now I am actually at that point that I've
looked into a couple options, or lack there of.
 The dealer wants $300 plus for the short one and $400 plus for the long
one. Only one oil line for this car is available in north america at
this time and the price is unreasonable too.
 So I went to The Hose Shop here in Santa Cruz. This guy takes a look at
my blown hose a]and states that the stuff Audi used is very high tech
and expensive. For $150 he will cut the old hose off my fittings , braze
on new fittings and add in a new piece of the same hose as Audi used.
This way I keep all the factory tubing but can easliy replace the hose
again if it fails. For the longer hose it is $180.
 Well, I am confident this is a good way to go but wonder about the
price. Anyone care to share the experiences on this?