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The friendly Quattro List

If any of you ever have any doubts about how friendly the Quattro List, I
invite you to go to the A4.org forum and see all the rude posts, insults and
intolerance to simple questions that occur on a daily basis.  I have been a
Qlister for a short time now, and started cruising the A4.org forum and
couldn't believe the difference in attitudes between the 2 lists.  The guy who
runs the A4.org site is a great guy (Jason Teller), and he has helped me with
several questions, but the loud minority at his site are get too much of a
kick throwing insults and name calling to each other.

One theory I have for this is that just about everyone on the A4.org forum is
an X-BMW or X-Acura owner, and therefore have no interest in helping each
other out.  Everyone at A4.org is a first time Audi owner, and this seems to
be part of the reason they could care less about an Audi brotherhood.

Anyway, the point of  this is to let you know what a nice bunch of guys you
have on the Quattro List, and let's make sure it stays that way.

A4 20V t