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after-run fan switch (more)

problem:  i suspected that there was a malfunction with my after-run fan
when i had to keep occasionally jumping my car.  (i just installed a new
alternator last week, it was smoked).  the fan, when it would come on
(will on fun when the engine is truly warm, not just everytime i shut
the car off), would run for the full 15 minutes (i am correct in
thinking that there is a safety mechanism that shuts the fan off at this
point in time?).  i was emailed by someone with a similar problem, and
told that the problem was a thermoswitch located at the bottom of the
radiator.  so i went to order this part, and the guy told me that he
needed some color codes.  well, i couldn't find the switch, so i brought
it in for him to look at.  he went to a switch which inserts into the
head of the engine block, towards the back ,at a point where a radiator
hose also inserts.  he said this was the switch, and if the fan was
running in after run mode and i pulled the wire, the fan should stop.
so i did this and the fan did not stop.  i suspect either 1)this is not
the after run switch (when i was hooking it back up i thought i heard a
few quick bursts from the injector cooling fan, could have been
coincidental), or that i have another probelm.  help please.  tia
86 5kcst 5spd