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Audi Factory service manuals for sale/ update

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From:	Todd Meyer 
Sent:	Wednesday, June 17, 1998 8:51 AM
To:	Dean Futrell
Subject:	FW: Audi Factory service manuals for sale

Hi Guys,
Well what can I say? You guys cleaned me out!! The responses came so
fast and in such volume I had a hard time sorting through it all!!
Here's what left, for now. I have some more stuff I'll be posting next
week more focused on the 4000/5000 series. Also would the owners of the
lists please contact me, I would like to make a donation for your
TSBS for 92's Vol. 1,2 $10
1 '90 Coupe Q 20V service training 100 pages $15
92- on 100 Manual trans manual $10
motronic engine management for S4 and 4.2  75 pages $20
e-mail dfutrell@whpacific.com  thanks, Dean