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Fw: window problem

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Date: 17 June 1998 20:47
Subject: Re: window problem

>If your car is alarmed, and the windows close on operating the alarm
>check the closer module. These tend to fail, and are - after checking the
>switch - the most likely cause.
>the other one is if the window has not been used in some time, it can stick
>to the rubber seal. press gently all round to ease this, or just wet the
>seal with water.
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>Date: 17 June 1998 16:08
>Subject: Re: window problem
>>In a message dated 98-06-17 10:14:38 EDT, you write:
>><< The driver's window switch is unresponsive >>
>>It could be the switch itself, and not the window motor.  Try replacing a
>>known working switch for that window.............what I did was to lift
>>the entire window switch pad up out of the armrest.  Remove the wire
>>from the window switch that's not working and plug into another switch to
>>test.  This will show you if you have a faulty switch ( very common ).
>>Hope this helps,
>>Bradley Blumfeldt
>>' 97 A4TQ
>>Pittsburgh PA