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Torsins and Misbehaving

Repent now! Rid yourself of those sins! Torsins be gone! 

Okay. Time to tie this one up. All references to Torsen are of the *center*
Torsen not the rear (a la V8 auto, etc), all cars having open (but lockable)
rear diffs and open fronts, with torsen centers.

1. Torsen is a dumb device.

2. Torsen causes unpredictable behavior in type 44 cars at the limit.

3. There is no meaningful difference between the Urq Torsen and type 44 Torsen.

4. Torsen has not caused nearly as many 'automotive misadventures' in the UrQ
as in the type 44.


1a. Torsen does not know which car it is riding in, an UrQ or type 44.

2a. Torsen bites.

3a. Torsen *tries* to bite just the same in both cars.

4a. Chassis dynamics play a role in how dangerous Torsen is at the limits.


The UrQ chassis, because of it's many differences, seems to have a little
thicker skin.  The spider is there just the same, but it is harder to sink its
teeth into the UrQ than the larger, heavier type 44 cars. They are more easily discombobulated.

Thus not many UrQ Torsen drivers have felt the spider's presence, or have
recognized it as such, due to it's less efficacious abilities to seriously
wound the driver, owing to the car's more stable demeanor at the limit (eg
chassis dynamics). 

Not fanning flames, just trying to do my part in resolving this.


91 200q Once bitten twice shy.

Has anyone seen my playdoh? Hey, you in the corner, in white dress, have you
seen - what's Playdoh? Oh, uh never mind...