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Re: The friendly Quattro List

Trevor says:

> Anyway, the point of  this is to let you know what a nice 
> bunch of guys you have on the Quattro List, and let's make 
> sure it stays that way.

Amen to that.  In response to my first posting, I received three
helpful responses and a fourth offer from someone local to me to
swap in a part from his car to see if it solves my problem.  This
goes beyond a bunch of guys and gals with similar cars bragging 
on the Net, and I for one appreciate it.  

Of the three people I think of as my best friends, I met two of
them through Internet mailing lists having to do with cars (and
the third I was married to some time before I started fussing with
computers :-).  This list seems to have people of the same quality.

My sincere thanks and acknowledgement to you all (you know who
you are :-).  And now, back to car stuff... 

--Scott Fisher