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Re: The friendly Quattro List

I like Jet's page, but the thing with it is, it goes in cycles, and you can
always tell when the newbies get on it, having just gotten their cars and
started playing.  I'm not a wizened veteran, but I remember its start, and
it is funny as to how it has become a page of people talking about racing
328is' and Accords/Civics!

And, if anyone gets pissed at Dan for list troubles, I'm learning how hard
it is.  My ISP looped my work e-mail list (the list sends messages to itself
now) and I have been besieged by 2,564 e-mails in 2 days with no end in
sight!  Dan does a great job of keeping this list running clean and free of
problems.  Call it Dan's Audi list for all I care, it just runs great!

'96 A4q
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