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Re: Torsins and Misbehaving


If you did say the same as written below, I missed it. My apologies for saying
the same thing you did. Did you outline it as clearly as I did, in effort to
clear up this ongoing frackas? I didn't see that one. And we all said most of
this two months ago, it's just finally sinking in for some people. Just trying
to sum up where we are now on this debate.

Sorry if I made you feel ignored. Don't be so petulant about it. I missed your post.



91 200q yada yada yada
95 Wrangler yada yada nada.

Michael Williams wrote:

> ARGH!!! Did i not say something like this last night?  Why does everyone
> ignore me? I even said this 2 months ago.  That the torsen is always
> going to bite in the given situation where it happens, its simply
> dependent on the chassis as to whether it actually manifests itself in
> the handling....l