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re: Price for hood +fender+Headlight?q

quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne) wrote:
> And, incidentally, is the lister whose car was continually 
> under attack from wild turkeys still with us?
> And, if so - did you ever find a solution?

If you mean me Phil, I'm still here.

A solution?  Well, kinda I guess.  I still think the Graf water 
pumps have noisy bearings, but I found out a good portion of the 
noise mine was making was due to the timing belt cover being too 
close to the shaft of the water pump.

The water pump shaft protruded further out than the one I replaced, 
and was machining it's way into the TB cover.  I spaced out the TB 
over stud with a washer, and I don't heard the noise anymore.

However a friend of mine still has the turkey noise, and his TB 
cover doesn't touch, so...