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re: Voltage Regulator?

turse@ps-b.com (Thomas Turse) wrote:
> (85' 4ksq)  Just a quickie- Does the voltage regulator attach onto the
> alternator?  Anything I should know when replacing one?  Is there any way to
> check if the alternator is functioning properly?  I was told by a person at
> a dealer to start the car and disconnect the negative terminal and see if
> the car dies- makes sense.  I told this to my mechanic and he said NO,
> definitely NOT to do this.  He said it could burn out/ruin the chip, or some
> other electrical piece when reconnecting to the terminal.  What's the deal
> here?  I purchased the voltage regulator $50!!!!  Any suggestions would be
> very much appreciated.

DON'T DO THAT.  sorry for shouting

To replace the regulator, just take out the two screws, remove the old
and put in the new one.  Put the screws back in.  Piece of cake.

If you already have the new regulator, you can see that there are no
to connect or anything (is that right?  I remember it that way).

The part that wears or breaks is that regulator w/brushes.  When you put
in your alternator, it'll be practically brand new.