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re: 4k hub retrofit

mtwigg@fdpcorp-boston.com wrote:
> Thuis maybe a stupid question, but I couldn't find an answer in the
> archives. Can one easily retrofit early 4x100 hubs to a later 4x108 4kcsq?
> I figure it should be  a straight swap and it would give me  a much larger
> selection of wheel and brake upgrades. Anybody done this? I figure it would
> not cost too much, especially if done with a new rotor fit all around.

It is NOT a stupid question.  The dimensions of the hub should be the
just have them pressed in instead of the original ones, with new

I had the same idea, and there is another lister that has done it on his 
ex-CGT.  My line of reasoning was a little bit opposite from yours tho'.
I was worried about being able to sell my wheels after I got rid of the 
car, not finding new or used wheels easier.  Then I bought a set of 
4 x 108 wheels, and a cam, so I've "tied the knot" as far as I'm

I dunno what kind of rotor selection you would find tho'.  They changed 
the bolt circle to accomodate the change to larger brakes, so people
bolt on 13" wheels which wouldn't fit.  Anythings possible tho'.