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Newbie learns about reading fault codes

I'm learning about fault codes and how to get them to light up.

My first attempt didn't work because I tried using a standard 12V circuit
tester.  (2 wires with a little light bulb inside a plastic handle).  No
blinking lights.

Off to Radio Shack, with the printout from Scott's website in hand to buy an
LED and resistor.  I was hoping I wouldn't have to buy them separately and
solder them together.  Hooray, there was a wall full of LEDs, all with built
in resistors!  

I had no idea if the milliamps (mA) mattered, and neither did the Radio Shack
sales person.  I closed my eyes and pointed to a red LED assembly 15mA, p/n
276-270, $1.99.

Back home, eager to start the test, I used some Micro-Clip Test Jumpers I
picked up at Radio Shack to activate the fault code system ($4.99).  No luck.
A bent paper clip worked better ($0.00)!  

Connected up my LED, and look... Flashing Red Lights!  And, its a recognizable
pattern.  On/off On/off On/off On/off and so it went.  Was I seeing code 4444
(= bad ECU), or was I seeing the readout for: "last error code?" 

I don't know!!!!  Arghhhhh.....  

Next, I jumped the two connectors to step up to the next fault code, but now,
no lights at all.  What a dilemma.  But, I'm a lot closer to success tonight
than I was yesterday!

For new Q-listers or lurkers, check out: teleport.com/~scottmo/index.html.
It's a fantastic resource for chips and technical help.


Scott Spangenberg

89 200T
188k mi