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prolong engine treatment

at the risk of starting a huge thread...

has anyone seen the infomercial where this stuff is dumped in an engine, oil
is removed, then they proceed to remove the valve covers and dump SAND onto
the running valves?!? it's a pretty impressive demonstration, and none other
than al unser sr. is a spokesperson.

they also run a bunch of different cars (including mr. unser in a viper)
around a desert racetrack, all running with *no* oil.

so guys and gals, what's the deal with this stuff? will admit i bought some
(heck, the whole kit, including tranny "conditioner") but didn't notice any
difference in my 91 taurus sho at the time (*wish* it had some effect on that
beast's tranny...).

have heard other engine treatments could actually *harm* an engine over time.
what's the case here?

as i said, the infomercial was impressive, but they had a very dumpy and "i-
really-need-this-job" -looking bob eubanks (formerly of the newlywed game) as
host, so am suspicious. does unser have a lot of gambling debts, or is this
stuff for real??

marc jacobi
93 toyota t100
86 toy mr2 (only 59k miles!)
82 porsche 924t (inherited piece of sh*t)

91 200Q
91 200Q
88 5000TQ
89 200Q