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Re: observations on car design, plus some

DOUBLDz@aol.com sez:
> It has an unassuming elegance, I would say. The keyword is
> "subtle." I think certain cars just shout, "Hey look at me, I cost a fortune,
> yadda, yadda....." An Audi says "I have an intelligent, discriminating owner
> who has taste and class and doesn't care if you notice or not." It takes a
> person who is much more sure of him/herself to drive an Audi. JMHO ; )

I can't remember which magazine it was that said (paraphrased), the A4 was
the perfect car for the person who has "arrived", but doesn't want to shout
about it.  :-)

I call my emerald mica A4Q 2.8 "the invisible car" because that color is
nearly black with no direct sunlight on it.  Between the understated shape
(which I love BTW, especially the subtly bulldogish front), and the dark
paint, the car just doesn't attract the eye of the general public.  The cops
don't notice it, kids don't notice it, thieves don't notice it.  But when
friends and family hop in and I take them for a ride, they always comment
favorably.  One client (who drives a Maserati daily) told me my A4Q was the
nicest car he's ever ridden in.

Of all my cars, my A4Q is the only one I feel comfortable parking in my SO's
(pretty tough) neighborhood... I actually don't worry about it still being
there in the morning.

In fact, I discovered by accident yesterday that I forgot to renew my
registration last month, and I've been driving around on expired plates and
no cop even noticed.  :-)


PS - Now if I could just get around to blacking out the chrome arch over the
windows I think it'll be perfect...

72 Pantera - Rocky         91 Miata - Steve (bionic)            96 A4Q - Rudolf
80 928 - Phantom               97 Miata - Nadia                84 RZ350 - Sting