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Snake Oil (was prolong)


There are all kinds of oily snakes out there.  Most of them are trying to
sell you something unnecessary (often of, at best, marginal utility and, at
worst, destructive) at obscene profit levels.

Caveat emptor, indeed.

This product name?  Did the original sender find the product for sale in
some, ahem, "Gentlemen's Magazine"?  :-)

OK, I'll behave.

><flaming on>

IMHO, it's all snake oil - a triumph of marketing over technology ('The
Club' also comes to mind)... In fact, the Slick 50 folks got in trouble
with the FTC for making just the same claims; same thing also happened to
the SplitFire spark plug people.  The good news is that the stuff probably
won't hurt anything, other than put a hole in your wallet.  


><flaming off>

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