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RE: Shocks for '89 100?? Shocking Banter


I'm not against Tokiko...I run them on my ITS Datsun 280zx race car.
Illumnas are about the only adjustable shock out there for most Jap
application (yes, I know koni does too and there are others getting into
the game now).  All I said was that they really do not tune for a specific
application just like many other aftermarket companies.   If I looked at
the Monroe catalog for Dodge Ram shocks I bet that the total number of
different valve codes would be just as small.

I just wanted to expalin what you got when you went to cheap aftermarket
units.  I hope it has helped someone..:-)


Brian Vinson
86 5KCSTQ w/ H&R, Koni (I hate them in the rear), Hock R's and 14 psi boost
80 Datsun 280zx ITS w/ Tokiko Illumnas rear and custom fronts....
88 VW GTi Pro Rally Production class w/ Bilstein rallys all round...