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Quattro may have been the original focus, but I look at it the same way as
I look at my job. If I have information to share, I really don't care who else
wants it, as long as they can use it. Audi didn't just make Quattros, they made
fwd cars two and alot of what goes wrong in a Quattro, also goes wrong in
a fwd car, and vica versa (did I spell that right?). So trying to restrict the
QList to just Quattros would be a severe injustice to us fwd owners!

Just my $.02

Willis Cornelius wrote:

> Q-list gets my vote . not sure if I understand about limiting the list . Just what I need is 10,000 more letters to look thru[i.e. all Audi's ever made].Doesn't hurt to help who you can , but the Quattro was the focus or at least thats what I believed. Not trying to run anyone off, just my .02 . Btw, any one have another Gamma radio to sell? to use in replacing my sound??     Bill Cornelius    89 200 tq   98,000 miles & no sound

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