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DieHard Batteries

<<agree with you about the sears battery--but if you liked their old ones a
few years back, (Johnson Controls) then check out the Everready or Kirkland
batteries at Costco--also made by JC.>>

I grew up _knowing_ that DieHards were the top battery available, bar none.  
Even in the most intense applications (including marine/RV deep-cycling using
a normal automotive battery), we _never_ got less than 60 months out of a 
They were _so_ good, Sears gave _lifetime_ warranties, just like their 
Craftsman tools!

I also _knew_ from experience that Exide batteries, typically those $30 specials
at K-Mart, would not give me over a couple years of service, even in "light"

Then Sears changed their DieHard contract from Johnson Controls to Exide, 
essentially going form the best to the worst manufacturer overnight!  It only 
me one "new" DieHard to realize the change!

WalMart now carries Johnson Controls batteries at extreme discount prices 
while all of my W/M batteries are too new to give me longivity numbers, I've 
very happy so far with the 3 I've bought (1 automotive, 1 lawn mower, 1 marine).

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI
JC fan long before moving to WI!