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steering gear adjustment

>Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 00:59:02 -0800
>From: frankbauer@thevine.net
>Subject: Re: Just bought 5kcsq, Please help!!
>igor sez:
>>2. American made (Modine) - better than the OEM. Have 3 rows vs.
>>2 in the OEM.
>while modine may be an american company, my modine 3-row as made in the
>>Audi type-44 fitment would be the Modine internal p/n 1R948. Best
>>price so far -
>>JCWhitney cat #614C, NEKH5, page 205, p/n 55KE5128Y, $229.95,
>>less 10% (a sale coupon on the cover of the cat).
>that's just less than imparts' qlist price...
>>Tighten the 13mm adjustment bolt on top of the steering gear.
>loosen the locknut first.  tighten until it won't return itself to center
>while turning (SLOWLY IN A SAFE PLACE), then back off until it will.
>i found this section of the bentley by accident while contemplating the
>replacement of my steering rack because it felt loose...
>>2 min.
>with a white shirt and a tie...

On my '91 the adjustment bolt atop the steering gear is smaller than 13 mm
(12 mm?), and I don't recall encountering any "locknut" (nor is a locknut
mentioned in the Bentley). Definitely an possible "white shirt and tie"
operation--if using a ratchet with 10" extension. :)


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com