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90 CQ Front suspension noises...


I just had new Koni's (missed Todd's cheap ones) and 2Bennett bushings
installed in the front of my '90 CQ.

All this was done in the hope of fixing some of the supension noises I was
having (all other usual susp. have been replaced, e.g. upper strut
bearings, misc. rubber bits, tie rod ends, nuts & bolts of various kinds).
The supension noises are "twangs" that occur during low speed parking lot
type manuevers.  All the new hardware in my car has not helped this problem.

My mechanic thinks that the OEM springs are turning slightly in the
mounting "cups", perhaps because the springs are shot.  He suggested trying
to pad either the spring or the "cup" to prevent the rotating and hence the
"twang".  Evidently, some Japanese cars have this.

Does anyone have any other ideas what it might be?  Could it be CV joints
making strange sounds (boots look OK)?  Front wheel bearings (no movement
at wheel...)?

Thanks for the help.

'90 CQ