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RE: battery questioning

New Battery concerns, 

For the record, here's what happened.  There was a NAPA right down the
street so she ended up with an EXIDE 75mo battery.
(1)  Car now starts great.  HUGE improvement.  I recommend this to anyone
with a 10 year old battery ;-)
(2)  Heat shield / battery cover does NOT fit well over new battery.  I was
able to clamp left edge, but seems to be pressing on battery quite a bit.
Will attempt to shift battery a little.
(3)  Tony's comment on VENT is a new one to me.  Can someone please describe
what I should be looking for and is this something I also should have
(4)  Volt Meter reads 13.5~13.8.  High enough right?


Derek Daily
90 CQ (vroom, instead of inh-ihn-ihn-ihn, vroom)
86 VW qsw

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> i don't think the Autobahn batteries sold in VAG dealerships in the US are
> the original Varta batteries these cars come with--why ship these hefty
> things across the ocean when comparable quality batteries can be source in
> N. America?