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Re: torsen naderism

> >but what beggars belief is that you then state that this proves that the
> >"bite" *must* happen on all chassis, because of it's alleged occurance
> >on a type 44 chassis.

> If you accept the basic principle of operation, then it's a given.  Like I
> said, what happens to the car AS A RESULT OF THE TORSEN's operation is
> another matter altogether.  Some cars may handle this better than others;
> some cars may not be affected at all.

Reality check.  What do you all understand by 'bite'.  Seems to me
that Scott and Jeff have been defining it as an inappropriate
distribution of torque, regardless of whether it has any adverse
effects on the handling of the car whereas Dave and Phil are requiring
something nasty to happen, regardless of what the torque distribution is.