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Was Re: Price for hood +fender+Headlight?q Is: Wild Turkeys

In a message dated 6/18/98 Ken Keith <auditude@impulsedata.net> writes:

<< I still think the Graf water 
pumps have noisy bearings, but I found out a good portion of the 
noise mine was making was due to the timing belt cover being too 
close to the shaft of the water pump.

The water pump shaft protruded further out than the one I replaced, 
and was machining it's way into the TB cover.  I spaced out the TB 
over stud with a washer, and I don't heard the noise anymore.

However a friend of mine still has the turkey noise, and his TB 
cover doesn't touch, so... >>

I have this gobble gobble noise as well from a Graf pump that I just replaced
along with timing belt and idler pulley about 3 - 4 k miles ago. I am going to
re-check the timing belt tension...I am pretty sure I got it right, but was
told it may be too tight (thanks again Scott J.) and when I do will report if
the cover on mine is being contacted as yours has been...I hope not. On mine
the noise seems to only happen around 1200 RPM or so. Before venturing back in
I first tried some "Prestone Water Pump Treatment" to see if that would help.
It hasn't, so it is time to get in there and look at the belt tension and the
backside of the t-belt cover. I will post any solutions I find. How safe is it
to assume that the noise can be "lived with" until the next timing belt change
interval? (This assuming I don't turn up anything that cures said gobble
gobble noise.)

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (goes gobble gobble at 1200 RPM)