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Shameless commerce: more parts FS

The pile of extraneous parts is growing as my CQ-into-ersatz S2 project
continues.  Anyone need:

CQ stock airbox $75
20vt stock exhaust manifold $150 (perhaps for a turbo conversion project?)
CQ internal crossmember $150 (If I were starting over, I'd convert this
instead of using the $600 S2 crossmember which holds the plastic cooled-air
return pipe from the intercooler.  I'll include photos of the two side by
side if you opt to go this route.)

Of the stuff I posted previously, I still have:

Front bumper, 5-mph struts, bumper cover, grills, less fogs    $300 (pearl)
CQ engine 100K, $1000  (w/ ECU, harness, less hyd, likely w/AC & hyd.)

Thanks everyone for your continued fiduciary support.

Brandon Hull
'91 CQ into ersatz S2, 42 billed hours and counting...