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Re: sending money . . .

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From: Mike Arman <armanmik@n-jcenter.com>
>Point is I want to mention a new service provided by American Express which
>might be of use to some of us trying to buy new or used Audi parts
>overseas. Amex is now offering foreign currency services - if we want to
>send Phil some money for something, or Tom Nas or Juoko, we can call Amex
>at 888-391-9971 (Ask for Bob Spears), and we pay in Dollars, Phil, Tom and
>Juoko will get Pounds, Florins (?) and Markkas, respectively.
>The reason I mention this is that if we go to a local bank and try to buy
>an international money order, the rates are so high that the banks eat up
>any savings we might hope to achieve by ordering anything Audi from
>overseas. Some years ago I got an order from someone in London - amount was
>$175, by the time the banks were done with wire fees, conversion fees,
>transfer fees, I actually got only $35! (Who me, p.o.ed?)
>Their rates are better than "our local friendly neighborhood bank", but not
>as good as real Interbank rate, as seen on the net. This is best for
>transactions of UNDER $5,000, because for higher amounts than that, there
>are better ways to do it. Also, at present, it is US Dollars source only -
>one way - so Phil can't send me any money via Amex (yet).
I dont know if this helps, but there are loads of adverts for Western
Unions' money wireing service appearing in the UK at the moment.

Jim Haseltine