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Re: Turbo oil lines-replace or not replace

HAs anyone replaced their 5KTQ turbo oil lines lately (braided metal ones)
-- and d you remember what they cost?

Are they easy to install?  Any tips/ advice?
---------------------- Forwarded by Richard Haroutunian/Inso on 06/18/98
04:51 PM ---------------------------

Anton Gaidos <anton_gaidos@mentorg.com> on 06/18/98 04:50:01 PM

To:   Richard Haroutunian/Inso
Subject:  Re: Turbo oil lines-replace or not replace

Richard Haroutunian wrote:
> how much are they?  I think I may have a small leak in one of mine?
> expensive?  Easy to replace?
  I have no idea how much they cost. On my ur-quattro they were easy to
once everything else was out of the way.