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Audi upgrades

I would like to thank the Audi list for some great information!  I was on
the verge of getting a Volvo 850 light turbo AWD wagon, and parting with my
1991 200Q 20v.  The biggest reason was the lousy headlights, and some minor
repairs that the car needed.  I had the pleasure of talking to Alex Neckas
and Al Swackhammer, and they both mentioned that the headlights could be
replaced by Euros for about $550.

I decided to upgrade my car, as there is a lot to like, instead of buying a
new car.  I have replaced the headlights with units purchased from Metrix
 thanks listers ), and they are terrific.  Anyone that does not do this is
risking their life.  This got me going.

Next was a stage three chip modification by Ned Ritchie.  This is an
outstanding upgrade and several people here in the Northwest recommended
doing this.  I am very pleased with the work done by Ned.  My only complaint
is that he gave me a ride in his car, and it is so damn fast that I may
spend some more major bucks for more power.  This man knows what he is

I am so fired up over those upgrades, that I have planned on more.  I have
added a Bosch programmable wiper relay ($30 at Wolfsport, phone
510-525-0157) which works great here in the NW.  A one minute upgrade.  I
also purchased a set of DOT approved stainless steel brake lines from
Wolfsport for $100.  Looked like a good price.  These will go on this
weekend or next.

Last but not least, I am going to get a good set of tires for my 17" BBS
rims in the garage.  Does anyone have a recommendation for tires that work
well the rain, do not wander in deep pavement ruts, and handle well in the
dry.  If you do please let me know.

Thanks a million to all of you on the list that share your experiences, and
your knowledge.  It is much easier to maintain and upgrade this car with
your collective wisdom.

Dave Puterbaugh