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Re: Suspension Components -- 5KCTQ

Richard Haroutunian wrote:
> Can anyone -- or everyone -- tell me what you use and  what results you're
> getting?  If you can shed some light on other susp. mods like stress bars,
> etc. -- please let me know.
> Although I would like to maintain the integrity of the 'comfortable Audi
> ride -- I'd sacrifice it a bit to have tighter handling around corners,
> etc.  The only strut braces I've seen for the car are at TAP.
I believe what you are trying to do may be a very difficult compromise.
Most changes in suspension to improve handling ( this includes
performance tires) result in substantially firming or hardening the
"comfortable Audi ride" you mentioned.
I run H&R Springs (lowering 1.5 inches) combined with Konis. Excelent
performance ride. Body roll practically non existent. High speed
steering very precise. However if I hit a bump ( such as freeway
concrete separators) with both front tires ( aspect ratio 60, @ 32 PSI )
at 65 mph. I feel the bump in  my teeth !!! 
My advice if you are not going to drive for performance....leave the
suspension as is .
You may get other opinions from other Audi colleagues. 
HTH, Pablo.