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Re: Audi upgrades

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Last but not least, I am going to get a good set of tires for my 17" BBS
rims in the garage.  Does anyone have a recommendation for tires that 
well the rain, do not wander in deep pavement ruts, and handle well in 
dry.  If you do please let me know.


Dunlop D60 A2's, They have trannsformed my '89 Subaru XT6 (soon to be an 
A4 owner) although they leave much to be desired in snow, they are 
wonderful in dry and wet..............Much better than the Yokohama's 
(can't remember what type, the new ones, which are in general 
unimpressive and actually squirrrely for a performance tire) that I put 
on my '83 RX-7 last year

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