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Masters of our domain.

     Are we voting for a new domain name only, or a new name for the list?  
     I'd assumed only the former, but a lot of posts lately are talking in 
     terms of the "new list name".
     Y'know, this is the q-list.  Even in a new dot com, it'll be the 
     q-list, to those of us who've been using it all this time (listen to 
     the big vet, going on five  big months as a lurker, mostly).  Even if 
     the name of the list changes, I'll bet most of us reading this will 
     still call it the q-list.  No?
     I voted for qlist.com, of the choices, but I think if the intention is 
     to create a site and community of which the quattro list is a part, 
     then the "limiting" aspect of qlist.com domain name isn't the "q", 
     it's the "list".
     I would humbly, and knowing that Dan'd rather not expand the number of 
     nominees, suggest audi-community.com.
     We share traditions, experience, common interests, we get along, help 
     each other, rely on each other for our common survival (we are 
     faaaaam-a-leeeeeeee)... I think that domain name says all that in a 
     way that -philes, -fans, -enthusiasts, -whatevers doesn't.  And it 
     actually says something about the group, too, unlike fourrings, for 
     example.  "Community" not only describes the group of people 
     subscribed to the list, but the dynamic of it, IMHO.
     (Besides, the better choice than fourrings, OOOO.com, isn't available. 
      OOOO.org and OOOO.net are though...)
     Matt, 1994 90cs, back to lurking
     Ps, can't resist: www.audidoodat.com ?