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Re: Delayed starts: '90 200

On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, scott miller wrote:

> My mechanic, very experienced and Audi trained, tells me my one to two 
> seconds of cranking is normal for a turbo.  Something to do with the 
> long intake runner and lifting the throttle plate....  I'm not 

Bull$&|+!!!  It probably is a function of the CIS K-jet fuel system, but 
the intake tract length is not the culprit.  My 5KCSTQ with efi starts 
within the first revolution every time (when I have it calibrated 
correctly) because it has the right fuel amount to go with the air going 
into the combustion chamber.  If it occasionally doesn't start right, I 
simply have to tweek the fuel values a little more to get the right amount 
for that particular set of conditions.

> the starter wearing out.  It runs great once started, but the idle 
> varies up to 2.8k, I haven't looked at the stabilizer valve yet.  It 

The ISV also acted funny on my car before I installed the efi, and it 
cleared up after I installed the efi.   I suspect that the ISV takes alot 
of bum wraps when the CIS is generally the culprit.

> does this hot or cold.  I once cleaned the throttle plate on a Synchro 
> by spraying carb cleaner through it, and got better starting, could it 

That might help a little.

> be that simple?  Bleeding injector or check valve?  My Bently manual is 

Could be also.

Graydon D. Stuckey

"There's alot more to Jazz than just wrong notes"