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FS: 86' 5000 csTQ

Hi all:

This car is my father's, who has not yet learned about the internet, so I'm
posting for him.

First off, car is located in Michigan (Metropolitan Detroit area).  It would be
a good fixer-upper, or an excellent parts car.  It runs and drives fine right
now but needs some work.  It is red with black leather and has around 115,000
miles.  Recent work include:

New front tie rod ends and ball joint
New tires (nothing fancy, but fresh rubber)
Front brakes about 15,000 miles ago (pads and rotors)
New clutch, clutch master and slave, and brake master (I think) 10,000 miles ago
New front window regulators
Front Half Shafts (20,000 miles ago)

What does it need?  Glad ya asked:

Rack is leaking slightly
I think the bomb is going bad
ABS sensors are mis-aligned
sunroof inop
one seam on driver's seat is split
shifter boot is loose
radiator leaks slightly
valve cover leaks oil
washer pump bad
cruise control inop
was in MINOR rear end collision (needs taillamp assy. and trim piece)
Also, the third-gear syncro is messed-up -- you can use third but it grinds
slightly when shifting into third (this was due to him shifting into third when
the clutch went out...he's very sorry about this...)

All in all, the car is a decent runner and would make a good winter ride, or
could be fixed up if you have a doner car.  Or, this could be a doner car for
your project.  There's no rust, the paint is in decent shape, etc. etc. but this
car is far from perfect.  Oh, yeah, the quattro system is running fine and the
motor is strong.

He's asking $1800 or best offer.  I'm sure he'd negotiate.

You can contact me via direct e-mail at mlindner@netquest.com or you can call
248.844.8209 (no later than 10:00 PM EDT, please).

I'd be willing to drive it halfway for anyone interested in a surrounding state
(Ohio, Indiana, or Chicago area).

Best regards,

Michael Lindner
'88 5000cs TQ
'88 VW Jetta GLi 16v
'98 Chevrolet Suburban