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RE: clutch advice

Back before I discovered the Q list my son and I changed the clutch in
my/his 84 4ks.  I checked the manual and it looked relatively easy so I
got the parts and dedicated a Saturday for the job.  We had the tranny
on the driveway and the new clutch installed in 1 1/2 hours.  One day
later we had the tranny back in place and engine running.  

When we pulled the transmission it was apparent things were tight so I
removed the motor mounts and lifted the front of the engine as far as
possible without removing things like the radiator.  With the rear of
the engine and transmission pointing down it slipped out with only a
little interference.  When I went to put the transmission back in that
little bit of interference prevented me from getting the pilot shaft
squarely aligned with the pilot bearing.  The interference was a
protrusion on the right side of the transmission housing hitting a
bracket or brace that protruded from the floorpan.  I couldn't remove
the bracket so I was stuck with trying to get more clearance another
way.  My memory is a little foggy from there on but late Sunday
afternoon I finally got it back together.  My son and I concluded we'd
never do it again unless under duress and then we'd completely remove
the engine and transmission.  I know several guys have said they have
easily changed the clutch in a 4kq in one day with no problems but for
me and my 4ks it was a bitch.  I think if I were doing it again I'd
break down and remove all the things that kept me from lifting the front
of the engine higher, sort of like preparing for complete removal.  I
would not attempt it without a helper.

The belt change on a 4 banger is relatively easy.  Just be sure to
replace the idler while you are at it.  My son had some trouble getting
the timing back when he tried it while in college but he was still
learning and I was too far away to help him.

Maybe somebody else can give you advice on how to avoid the problems I
had with my clutch.


>Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 00:00:12 -0400
>From: Derick Farfan <hfarfan@nynet-ac.com>
>Subject: clutch advice

>i would like to know of your advice on changing the clutch and timing
>belt on an 85' 4000 (fwd).  i have significant technical knowledge but
>do you think these are endeavors i should pursue or should i just get
>done by a mechanic.  i already have a the clutch and all its parts as
>well as the timing belt.  could anyone give me detailed instructions
>and/or tips on changing anyone of these items.