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>My friend, Ken Fluhr, has an "Audi Coupe GT" sticker that goes across the top
>of his windshield that looks pretty cool, you can email him for info where he
>got it (kwfluhr@us.ibm.com).

FYI, that email will bounce (although 'ejfluhr' or 'whfluhr' will work,
to myself and my father).  My brother's address (since he does not work
for IBM) is kwfluhr@ibm.net .

As for where he got it, I bought two of them from Sean at McLane Applied
Graphics (McLaneAG@aol.com).  I believe Sean owns a red urquattro and
is (was?) on the qlist...he also has other stickers like "Audi quattro"
and such.  Rick Louie had him make a batch of white "Audi Coupe GT"
winshield stickers, and I purchased two of them for $20 each.  Easy to
install, and looks rather...well, flamboyant is probably the word that
comes to mind.  I like it, though.  ;)

(No financial interest in Sean's business or anything, just happy with
the stickers.)

If there is interest, I can scan a picture of my car with the sticker
on the winshield and post it on my website. 

flamboyant '85 Audi Coupe GT
Eric J. Fluhr                                Email:  ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com
630FP Logic/Circuit Design                   Phone:  (512) 838-7589
IBM Server Group                             Austin, TX