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I have had the same problem on my 4k. The pin from the OD that holds the
number wheels in place comes out on one end. There is nothing holding the pin
but the factory pressure fit so over time the plastic loosens and the pin
pulls out.

I am about the buy a used OD to try to solve the problem. I have pulled the
panel out which is really easy. Don't need to remove the wheel. Just undo the
two screws in the bezel (up top pointed up) and the two screws under the outer
cover behind the turn signal and wiper stalks and then pull the bezel out and
up (while undoing the connections to the switches). Then the whole cover and
switches will be loose and can just be pulled up.

You need to be careful to undo the speedo cable holding ring first behind the
speedo and then undo the two screws (one on each side) to pull out the

I have tried in vain to glue the pin back in. If you find another fix please
post it.

James Carolan
86' 4KCSQ