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New ride & Stupid winshield washers/airfoil

I've got a 'new' 89 1/2 200 Q, from fellow lister Alex Chernushin; it's in
great shape, but there are a few little things I want to tweak/fix. 

Augh! I get full pressure spray on the passenger side, and it's great for
that side. (I guess if I had a right hand drive, I'd be set) On the
drivers' side, I get one nozzle that sprays well, but the spray is blocked
by the stupid 'airfoil', or whatever that little wing is on the drivers
side wiper. The other nozzle is anorexic, and can't crank out enough flow
to help anyone out.

I want to pull the sprayer apart, and give it a brooks-cleaning, but I
can't see how to pull the bottom (engine bay) part away from the top part
(the sprayer), and am hindered by the wires that heat the nozzle (cold
weather package), I don't want to hurt the little things, but this is
getting really obnoxious. Especially now that it's bug season, and they are
attracted to my winshield like a frat boy at a party is attracted to a
drunk sophmore sorority girl. 

I pulled the 'wing' off of my '90 100, and it didn't seem to have problems,
but I don't want to rip the wing off of this one if it serves some
important function.

- what is the 'wing' for, and will I go to hell if I remove it?
- how can I pull apart the nozzle assembly without breaking anything, and
get it re-assembled so it functions?

(I did try a needle/pin to clear it, but that didn't work)