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Saturday's Stupid Stumper

OK,  in my continuing quest to get my old '89 100Q running better,
here's a new stumper.

For some time, this car has not liked wet weather. If it is out
overnight in the rain, or even a heavy dew, it will run kind of
rough for a while. Since it's now been parked outside for about
9 straight weeks of rain (the A6Q gets the garage), it is doing
it big time now. For several days, it wouldn't even start.

It idles marginally, and runs very badly at low RPMs, like it's
missing a cylinder or so. Once I get the revs up (2500/3000?)
it smooths out and purrs like a kitten until revs drop again.
The changeover is like flipping a switch, not at all gradual.

Wires and plugs are fine, wire-drier doesn't help, cap/rotor
look good. Before I start throwing parts at this, has it rung
a bell with anyone?


Andrew L. Duane (JOT-7)			duane@zk3.dec.com
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Only my cat shares my opinions, and she still purrs like a kitten.