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Re: 4K Strut Insert Replacement Help

> Purchased front strut inserts for my son's 4K FWD assuming the job to be
> like the 5K but no, much bigger job.  Anyone want to talk about it?
> I've got the Bentley.
> Questions:
> -did you need the wheel puller to get the half shaft out of the hub?

No, it just slides out.

> -were you able to compress spring without spring compressor?

No, borrowed a set of Big Bolt and Two Hooks style ones.  Not too bad in
the vise with an air impact wrench.
> -how long for the job?  (you not me)

3 and then 2 hours per side with basically no experience.

> -how many knuckles did it take?

Don't have any left.  Actually I don;t think I hurt myself.  But I sure
was sore from undoing all those self-locking nuts!  Which should (must!)
all be replaced with new ones upon reasembly.  Tie rods, ball joints,
top of strut, and axle nuts.  there is a weird nut on the strut tube. 
Tool to remove it is about $20, a hammer and screwdriver will work but
will bunge it up a bit.  New nuts are cheap through dealer, too.

Hint, sort of: The bentley says to drop the ball joint by undoing the
sway bar.  I don;t knwo if its easier, but I undid the ball joints
(marked their position) and just fought the sway bar with a crowbar,
cushioned by a bit of bicycle inner tube.  careful, the control arm will
want to come up and crush the CV boot this way.


PS, great time to put lowering springs in! - never compress them

Huw Powell