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Re: Decals/price/address


2"x3" sounds good to me.  I'll send that check out to you Monday.  You
know, I live in San Diego, and I haven't noticed any real "Die Hard" Audi
enthusiasts.  When I do find them, I'll be sure to drop your name until
they've bought something!  Anybody on the list from S. California & know
of a good club chapter?


On Sat, 20 Jun 1998 16:38:04 EDT IraT@aol.com writes:
>$30 sounds good.  Just want to clarify one thing, what size did you want
>Audi sport decals; 2"x3" roughly sound OK or would you want them larger?
>Thank you.                   

>PS: Timothy spread the word to anyone else that would be in need of

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