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Re: Audi upgrades (stainless brake lines)

	On my coupe GT, the stainless steel brake lines dramatically improve brake
feel. I don't know if they're right for all cars, ABS compatibility and all
that, but it's the best $50-100 upgrade I've ever seen: this is my third car
to get them. The brake pedal feels tied to the calipers with rods instead of
hydraulic lines, giving very precise feedback. Mine came from GPR for $50 or
so (4 lines), or you can buy ABT's DOT approved lines for $500! Unfortunately,
my rotors still warp, yes, I have the expensive GERMAN Ate's, run with metal
masters. But they warped before putting in the stainless lines, using Ate's
and stock (Lucas?) pads. My next attempt is Ate power disks and Ferodos.
Strange how _non-vented_ disks, stainless lines, and metal masters worked
flawlessly for years on my Scirocco, but warp quickly- and squeel- on the coupe.
	If it sounds like I'm inviting a brake pad/rotor thread- I AM. Let's focus on
the best pads and rotors for stock fitment: we're all freshly aware of upgrade
caliper kits for those that can afford it, or those that just go
VISAcard-postal from dealing with sub-par brakes.
Shane East
85 CGT (rear drums!!!am I crying or laughing?!)