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Re: Several Audi references in new Autoweek

RELAYER@aol.com writes:
> They mention that the new Lambos will use the A8's five valve
> V8...this isn't right, the V8 is still a four valve design.   Not everyone can
> be some knowledgable about Audis as us....

While no 5-valve Audi V8 has been used on a production model yet,
Audi is supposedly working on such an engine.  I wouldn't be surprised
that it is already in the prototype stage if not near production.

Audi certainly would have a wealth of engine expertise to tap into
in the future: its own (including VW) engine technology is already
quite superior, plus the soon to be acquired Cosworth...

> Second, it mentions that Consumer Reports names the A4 as one of it's "Good
> Used Car Buys".  Of the 30 top cars...only one American car made it...the Geo
> Prizim.  But isn't the Geo a japanese design (suzuki), so that would mean NO
> American cars made it.

The Geo Prizm is a badge-engineered Toyota Corolla, both of these
built here at the NUMMI plant in Fremont, California.  So, in a way,
it's "half"-American :-)

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