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Re: 4kq parts and an explination

Who told you to do a clean install and? what did that entitle? Formatting
the drive or simply renaming the windows directory? The only reason that We
would say for you to do a clean install is if something was not working in
the first place.
Also was it MS or was it Compaq or dell or something like that?
Joe Rae
MS Senior Technical Support engineer
87 audi 4000csq

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From: PN <pajono@compsol.net>
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Date: Sunday, June 21, 1998 4:44 PM
Subject: FS: 4kq parts and an explination

>Hi all,
> Sorry I haven't gotten back to some of you about parts and what not, but a
>couple weekends ago I got the final version of Win98 from MS, and being a
>good little boy, followed their advice of doing a clean install to get rid
>of all the crap that the previous versions had put on my PC. As a result of
>that, I didn't think to backup some directories, and my .pst file got
>deleted (bye bye old mail). Needless to say, I've been trying to tie up the
>loose ends this created.
> So, if anyone has contacted me about parts, please do so again. To recap,
>I'm selling the remainder of my 86 4kq parts, which includes an engine,
>tranny (120k miles good shape), right side doors, front bumper, both
>subframes (rear includes shocks, springs, brakes and diff - CHEAP), and a
>variety of other interior parts. No wheels, glass, seats (I'm sitting in
>one now)... this stuff really needs to go so I can start my VR6 swap into a
>VW a2, so prices are very reasonable. I'm located in southern CT.
> Also, someone had wanted red leather from me, and I've been leading him on
>forever (sorry). I have it in a fedex box at work, send me the address once
>more (honest) and it's in the mail.
>87 4kcsq
>91 VW Gli