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Re: Help on a Sunday!

In a message dated 6/21/98 "Oscar Murphy" <rmurphy@batnet.com> writes:

<< While connecting one of the hoses to the power steering hydraulic
I broke a connection on what appears to be a plastic filter of some kind. 
It sits just below and slightly to the left of the reservoir. One side is
yellow and the other is black. There are 3 connections:
    a) one black tube goes the the back of the intake manifold
    b) one opaque tube (looks pink now, may have been white originally) goes
to the firewall on the driver's side
    c) one black tube goes to the top center of the firewall

I managed to read the part number on it: 893-820-675B. >>

The part you describe sounds like the vacuum check valve/tee fitting that
sends vacuum to the differential lock (s on the pre-tor$en cars), and to the
climate control vacuum reservoir. On my car (87 5kcstq) the tee that goes to
the diff locks had been broken off before I bought the car. I silicon sealed
it back together for a "temporary fix" and ordered the replacement from Linda
@ Carlson (p/n on their invoice is 035133517). In my eternal lazyness I have
yet to replace said part--it comes complete with the pre-formed tube which
runs to the CC vacuum reservoir attatched. The job *looks* like a PITA as the
tube goes under the ABS 'puter, and coolant overflow bottle then into the
wheel well (under the plastic inner fender of course). It may be much easier
than I fear...and any BTDT's that would help my procrastination would be much
appreceated. HTH and congrats on the Bomb replacement!

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq