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>Yes, and did you see the new A4 commercial that mentions Audis racing
>and quattro being banned?  I almost fell over in shock.

I saw a full page ad with this story in the Asia Wall Street Urinal while in Tokyo a couple weeks back.  Unfortunately,
it was at the hotel bar, and after too many kampai's I forgot to snag it.  Funny place to advertise quattro.  I've seen
lots of Audis in Singapore, but mostly shiny new (like everything in S'pore) 2WD A6's and A8's.  And in Japan, I've
never even seen an Audi on the road, tho there is a dealer I can see from the train to work every morning.  So I'm sure
they are there, but it isn't a very big presence.  I've never ventured too far from Tokyo so maybe in the snowy areas?

It's a great ad- at least the print version, haven't seen the TV flavor. "Fortunately for you, this unfair advantage is
only banned on the racetrack..."  Surely an improvement over the stupid bouncing Avant sequence.

Matt Rooke