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Re: engine check light / decoded (sort of)

>I believe all you need to do is to have the distributor aligned.

I have no idea about that, here's today's events:

Went out this morning (%&$# it's hot!), turned on the engine (w/o starting
it), and checked the fault codes. This time I got a 4221 (? i think)
"Engine rev-limit exceeded" code. Cha, right, like I'm some kind of hippie.

Cleared all the codes by removing the fault memory fuse for a few minutes.
Put the fuse back in, turned on ignition, got the 4444 it's all clear on
the western front code. cool.

Started her up, and did some light driving to warm things up. Jumped on the
highway, did some 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear runs at light, moderate, and WOT

Came home, checked codes again, got 4444. 

Kick ass! I let it run another 5 mins to cool down, and listened to "I'm
only happy when it raiiins" on the radio. The best thing about gremlins, is
that they run away when challenged.

Thanks everyone for all the help & tips! If only everything in life could
be as easy to figure out..